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About Us

Williams & Company » is a regional consulting firm that has been providing business solutions since 1929. Our main focus has always been to provide our clients with the resources, knowledge and tools to stay at the top of their game. Our motto:

Williams & Company's commitment. . . helping you achieve your goals
Williams & Company's focus. . . your future!

Our Experience with Measurable Management®:
Williams & Company has deep seated roots in the business and management consulting field and we continually strive to develop and discover new ways to assist our clients in improving their business performance. As a result of this quest, Williams & Company Communications became aware of Robin Byrne's Measurable Management® program in 2004.

Upon reviewing the Measurable Management® Case Studies and witnessing how the program worked, Williams & Company Communications, Inc. decided to become a licensed facilitator. We immediately launched several programs with existing clients as well as a couple of new clients and all of them realized bottom line benefits of 15 to 50 times their costs.

After facilitating these Measurable Management® Programs and realizing first-hand how powerful this program is, Williams & Company Communications, Inc. entered into an agreement with McQuillan-Byrne to become the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Measurable Management® Program and licenses and trains facilitators around the country.

Our mission is to provide business and management consulting firms, much like ours, the opportunity to add this growing practice to their product portfolio. Our goal is to ensure that organizations throughout the US will experience the success of this program through capable facilitators that are in the business and management consulting arena.

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